Postage stamp programmes

Since 2014, Stapps has coordinated the annual postage stamp programme for the Caribbean Netherlands, including, since 2016, that of St Maarten.

Stapps suggests themes for the stamps, coordinates the stamp designs, arranges the printing and distributes the stamps to the various sales channels.

Stapps also arranges the delivery of the annual collections to subscribers. And Stapps keeps an eye on the expenditure and revenue. To sum up: Stapps provides a full-service solution.

Personalised stamps

Post services often issue personalised postage stamps too.

Personalised stamps offer post services flexibility, as they can then respond to current affairs and sell ongoing series in addition to their annual postage stamp programmes. Post services can generate extra revenue from personalised postage stamps.

Are you looking for a successful marketing concept? Stapps can deliver.

One-off issues

In addition to these complete postage stamp programmes, Stapps provides, on request, non-recurrent issues of stamps.

In 2020, C-Post, Curaçao’s post office, commissioned Stapps to design that year’s Christmas stamp series.

Following a collab with design agency Studio Excello, six stamps were issued, including the corresponding first-day covers and a first-day-of-issue postmark.

Stamps with NFC

Stapps created a humming bird postage stamp with an NFC tag (Near Field Communication) for the island of Saint Eustatius.

Nowadays, most smartphones feature an NFC tool that automatically connects to NFC tags. The NFC tag on this postage stamp contained a video with fun background information about the humming bird.

NFC stamps are popular among collectors so, not surprisingly, this one is no longer available.

Gold postage stamps

Stapps has created extremely profitable concepts for issues of gold postage stamps for various post offices (Correos, CTT, Luxembourg Post, Guernsey, etc).

The all-time favourites are the 24-carat gold stamps featuring Johan Cruyff for Correos and for FXDC Post, the Caribbean Netherlands’ post office. Both stamps sold out in under an hour.

Tailor-made solutions

Every client wants something different. For Deutsche Post, Stapps made a gold stamp measuring a whopping 3 x 5.5 cm - definitely not your run-of-the mill stamp size.

The packaging, the capsule and the inlay on the box also needed to be altered to accommodate its size. A made-to-measure sleeve was slipped over the box as the finishing touch and the gold stamp was ready for sale.

And it proved a success: Deutsche Post ran out of stock within two months.


As well as official postage stamps, the collectors market also includes issues for which postal services have no obligation to deliver, such as postmarked stamps and gold replicas of postage stamps which cannot be postmarked anymore.

These collectables caught the eye of Oman Post, too, and they asked Stapps to make a series of gold stamps (i.e. without the denomination of its value) to mark the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Gulf Cooperation Council. They did want them quickly, however, because the celebration was only two months away. Nonetheless, Stapps delivered: six gold stamps in fabulous packaging and... on time.

Postage stamp platforms

PostEurop (formerly CEPT) is a partnership of European public postal organisations whose main task is to ensure the smoothest possible mail traffic between countries. The affiliated postal organisations also issue a joint PostEurop stamp with a central theme each year. In 2019, this theme was birds.

In this context, Stapps launched a bird-themed marketing concept to stimulate cooperation between the various postal organisations and to boost stamp sales.

Every single bird stamp could be scanned with an app, which would then immediately play the song of the bird in question. After scanning a stamp, users were redirected to a mobile landing page in the language of the postal organisation in question, where they could order the stamp they had scanned, as well as all the other bird stamps.

No fewer than twenty postal organisations took part in this project, with the Norwegian bird stamp proving to be the most popular.